Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Why don't I ever get to see my uncle!

These were the words two cousins uttered this past week. Papa Peep is always traveling and his older brother is always busy with his business. Their family lives across the country from us. We use to see each other more often but now it is few and far between. They have 2 boys that fit nicely with mine. Oldest Peep is the only girl cousin in both mine and Papa Peeps family.

When Baby Peep's cousins visited last week (they were in town for 2 weeks), he wanted to know where his uncle was, and his cousin wanted to know where Papa Peep was since they never get to see their uncles.

This past Sunday we made an effort to get together at Papa Peep's youngest brothers house. He lives in the same town we do but his job and a new baby keep him pretty busy too. We had a cookout and we swam at their pool. All the little peeps had a great time swimming, eating, and playing Transformers. The Brother Peeps had fun watching their sons play together with toys they played with when they were younger. Life comes full circle.

Here is a picture we took to remember the occasion.

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