Friday, December 28, 2007

One last post for the night

For the last few hours I have been downloading pictures of today and putting them in that nice little slideshow below.

What has Papa Peep (and the little peeps but mostly Papa Peep) been doing this entire time, you ask?????? Thank you, Sister Peep!!!


Thank you MAMI!!!!

Today we used my mom's Christmas present. She sent us a family membership to the zoo and aquarium. We have not used the zoo one yet as it was very, very windy today. But we did go to the aquarium. Here is a slide show of our adventure today and a few from our holiday season. Middle Peep was especially excited as his favorite science curriculum last year was My World Science. His favorite unit in that series was the Ocean one. He is his mother's child. The ocean is my favorite place to be. Nothing better. Enjoy a little peak into our day.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

I love Snoopy!!!!
And here he is, along with us Peeps, wishing you all a very
Merry Chirstmas!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Fine Art Fridays

fineart 001
Originally uploaded by mamapeep
I know it is not Friday, but I forgot to post this earlier. Better late than never is my motto!

So why am I posting this picture?? Well, I got these guys in Panama although Papa Peep insists it was in Ecuador. You would think so by the dress style, but Panama it is. I love the details in the faces. I love the clothes. I love the hair, but what I most enjoy are the hats. # of them are wearing what I believe to be Panama hats (which are another clue to their origin...explain in a bit) and the other 2 are wearing very typical Andes Mountain head covering. I believe that style of hat in particular to be my absolute favorite. They are so very warm and they keep your ears warm which for me hurt terribly when they are cold.

As to the Panama Hats, they are actually from and continue to come from ECUADOR!!! Click here for a little history on them. Montecristi is the town where the finest Panama Hats come from and it is a town I have been to a dozen times. Probably right now as I type this my mom is there. She is in Ecuador for the Holidays.

Well, enjoy my little Nativity of what I believe are Incan Indians.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Another Poetry Moment

We finished our model for this week. I really need to find a rhyming dictionary that we can all use. Something comprehensive (for the olders) but not overwhelming (for the baby).

Here is Baby Peep's rendition of Mary Had A Little Lamb

Jerry had a little plan
Its code was smooth as Pip*
Everywhere that Jerry went
The plan was sure to flip

Jerry had a little plan
Its size was big as a ship
Everywhere that Jerry went
The plan was sure to slip

*he did have some help

Together they worked on their rendition of Birthdays by Maud Keary

Christmas by The 3 Peeps

When Christmas comes we always stock
Our tree upon the beautiful floor
And carefully we watch the clock
Each present opened to the core

How great to think Christmas will be
When we shall always soar one more
To all those gifts which are gradually
Building up the housekeeper's chore

This has really stretched them and me. We really are enjoying it. I am learning all sorts of poetic terms and Oldest Peep (she did a poetry class once upon a time) keeps correcting me when I get meter and foot mixed up. I love it.

Toxic Toys!!!

OK last post about the weather....


SUN!!! SUN!!! BLUE SKIES!!!! Woke up this morning and the sun came up. It is beautiful. I think we will cut school short and leave the unpacking for some other day and head outside!!!!! I feel rejuvenated!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

What a day!

First the sun, then rain with sun, then just rain, and now SUN!!! NO Rain and the clouds are white and not grey! Dare I hope???

Also I think being cooped up at home makes the peeps restless. They have been nipping at each other all morning.
The final (and by final I mean just for that particular hour) battle was had when baby peep head butted middle peep. He did not mean to do it so forcefully. He sometimes doesn't realize how strong he is and he is always ........physical (for lack of a better word).
Here is middle peep.

He actually has a lump under his right eye. He did not want me to take this picture.

And here is the guilty party!!

He really was very sorry.

When I settled them down, we worked on CW's Poetry. They are all enjoying it very much.

Here is an imitation exercise we worked on today.

Ben be amazed
Ben be hard
Ben jump over the kid's backyard.
Author: Oldest and Middle Peep

Gerald had a little fan
Its edge was green as tree
And everywhere that Gerald went,
The fan was sure to flee.
Author: Oldest Peep

Miles had a little train
Its wheels were fast as light
And everywhere that Miles went,
The train would be in sight.

Author: Middle Peep

I just love CW. Tomorrow I will share baby peep's as he is still not finished.

Right now they are in the throws of another battle. When will it end.........

And for all my Spanish speaking blog readers I have created a Spanish version of this blog. Some will be the same information, some will not. This will be one of the ways I keep my Spanish relatives aware of what we do day to day in La Escuelita.


This place is unbelievable. After more than 6 days of straight rain I woke up to sunny skies. OK more like slightly sunny, definitely more grey than sunny, but still there was sun there. I have sometimes questioned if even the sun reaches up this far the US. But it is here.

Suddenly, as baby peep was bringing me his jet pack to fix, the incredible happened!

It started raining!!!!!!!!

With the sun shining in all its glory (OK not really but as much as I have seen since moving here) it starts raining!!!! NO!!!!!! I only ask for one day, just one out of the whole week, with no rain. Is that too much to ask???? Well, the locals keep telling me....We have really great summers. Can we skip to them now????

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Friday, December 14, 2007

Lists and Updates

Friday's post was supposed to be Fine Arts but we are still surrounded by boxes although I do see the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak.
  • The master bedroom is 90% done. Papa Peep wants a desk for himself and we need some storage ideas for the closet. I still have 2 boxes of linens and things to unpack in the master bath.
  • Oldest Peep's room is 90%. She needs a desk and to still go through the clothes she has outgrown......AGAIN!
  • The boys still need beds and a system for the toys.
  • The game room is 95%. Papa Peep wants to get rid of the futon and get a smaller couch as this room is smaller than our previous game room.
  • The schoolroom needs desks for the computers, my Home Depot wipe board as we left the old one behind, and more shelves. We have about 25 boxes with books still waiting for a home. The closets in that room are large enough to hold about 4 Billy Bookcases from Ikea. I think this will be the best solution without putting holes into the walls for shelves and we can take them with us if/when we move again. I also need some sort of cabinet to store my teacher items.
  • The formal living room is bare other than a small stereo (must be one in every room), the Christmas Tree (which still needs redecorating) and the instruments, at last count 3 guitars (2 electric, 1 acoustic), a huge and way too powerful amp, a violin, a clarinet, a keyboard and a pan flute. Baby Peep is hoping to add drums (not on his life) and a mic. They are writing a song and he has a singing part. I will share when they are finished with it.
  • The dining room is 98% complete as we still have a painting to hang. Oops...make that 85% as we would like to get the same hardwood floors in the entry extended into the dining room.
  • The kitchen is complete other than I really want new dishes, and some more Cuisinart pots. Also since I finally have a good oven more bake ware would be nice too. But all that can wait. Also I would like a table for the eat in part of the kitchen but we can not agree on a size or style. I think we need a 6 person one. He thinks it would be too big. He thinks a square 4 person one if enough, but he miscounts. There are 5 of us in this family. Then when we get to style, I think a glass one would be easy to clean. He wants a wood one but I don't.
  • The family room needs some shelves, a couch table (is that what you call them?) for behind the couch, and some paintings.
  • All windows need window coverings as Papa Peep and I still can not agree on what to do. I think wood blinds with curtains as we find them is a good solution but he thinks just curtains or just blinds are enough.
  • The garage needs shelves for the tools and bike racks. I have seen some shelves that hang from the ceiling that would be great for storing the suitcases, Xmas decorations, etc. We are also storing the washer/dryer we want to sell as well as the boys bunk beds. I must get them on Craig's List soon.

Well, that makes it all doable EVENTUALLY!

As for schooling believe it or not we are accomplishing.....some.

  • Baby Peep
  • Baby Peep is the easiest to keep up with. He can do most on his own. It is mostly workbooks he is doing and not much actualy teaching from me. His reading is falling behind again but that is completely my fault. The reading he does in ETC is coming along. I just really need to make time for Phonics Pathways. He seems to have much of Middle Peeps talent for Math. Not quite so scary but it is coming easily. He loves writing and his handwriting is very good.
  • Middle Peep
  • Middle Peep is always my easiest. I just give him stuff to do and he does it. I never know how much to push because he never complains. I gave him a book to read that I thought would be too hard but he is reading it at a faster rate than I thought he could. He is enjoying it also. His Math is coming along. I had him skip some of the review stuff becausehe was bored silly with it. He is into the algebra stuff now and he is enjoying it. I did not think he was ready but he is doing just fine getting nothing wrong. I need to make more time for Science and History as these are the two subjects he adores. Latin has not proven a challenge yet.
  • Oldest Peep
  • Oldest Peep is chugging along. She focuses mainly on her languages. She is understanding a lot more Spanish. I need to force her to speak it but it is coming. French is her favorite and she is dedicating a lot of effort to it. Latin is moving along nicely as well. She wants to pick up Greek again. I wish GP would come out with their Greek Prep already. Math is always a chore but she is in measuremenets right now and enjoying it more. We have done very little writing, but I hope to start up CW Poetry next week.

Well there is my update. Long and boring and with no pictures. I will see what I can wrangle up today and add them later. I also will not do a Fine Art Friday because the paintings I want to show you are still in boxes. They are safer that way until we are ready to hang them.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree

Here she is! Tomorrow we will dress her up pretty just for you all.

Saturday, December 08, 2007


BRAG ALERT!!!! PLEASE indulge me!!!

Ever since middle peep had any control over his reasoning skills he has been a chess addict. He thinks, eats, breathes, and lives by chess. It is the end and beginning of everthing. Today, he participated in a tournament in our new state for the first time. I was unsure where to place him since this state has a different rating system than the USCF. He entered unrated (since he doesn't have a WA rating) but his coach signed him much higher knowing his skill. He won every game he played! He was on fire today. He played a few long games which he tends to blunder. He remained patient and used the advice of his new coach. Well it paid off. Next time his wins won't come so easy but he is ready for the challenge. We are very proud.

Our weekend

First off, we begin schooling again on Monday. Things are still in boxes but I just can't make much more progress without more shelves. The schoolroom is still dominated by the book boxes so we will school in the dining room with what I can find. I have to get the empty boxes out of the house as they are taking up more space than our stuff at this point. The joy of moving! I wish to not move for a long, long, long time.

On Friday I blow off the whole mess and we headed into Seattle to meet with a homeschool group. I think we found a great group. They are very active meeting weekly with people coming from all over the area for their activities. Everyone we met was kind and friendly. Baby Peep was so happy and excited to join a group again. Oldest Peep was very shy and she and Middle Peep stuck together the whole time. It will only be a matter of time before she warms up and I won't be able to keep up with her plans. We hope to meet with them again this coming week.

So we ...........

.........saw some of the most amazing gingerbread houses we have ever seen........

.........took a picture with Santa while he looked over his list........

.........listened to a local high school choir sing Christmas songs to us........

..........rode a Merry go round.....

and finally listened to some very familiar music before catching lunch and heading home. The day was just perfect!!!!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Fine Art Fridays

We went into Seattle on Friday. I will tell you all about it in another post but while we walked around we tried to spot all the Nutcrackers we could. Go here to learn more about these.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Monday, December 03, 2007


First we had the Earthquake. Then we had the snow. Since then it has rained nonstop and at times very hard since Sunday morning. Now some schools are closed today because of mudslides and flooding. We have hurricane force winds in some parts. This rain is thought to continue until Wednesday at least.

Check out the latest road blocks and power outages here. School closings here. And a video of this madness here.

Oh help me!!!!!!

Sunday, December 02, 2007


My mami, after 30 plus years of living in the USA as a resident, finally decided to become a citizen. I wish I could have been there.

My sister and my mami

Sammy the Dog!!!

(my sister's spoiled doggie)

Snow Balls

Here you can see the peeps enjoying the snow.


First I want to share my kitchen up closer. I just love it. I have cooked more in the last 2 days than a week's worth in the old house. We will have to keep the gym active at this rate.

Now, just in case you had not heard (HA!) it snowed here yesterday. It started around 1 (as we were on our way to Ikea) and has not stopped. At one point this morning it was raining but then it turned to snow again and I think right now it is raining again. The shots below were at just about the peak of the storm. I would guesstimate we got about 3". Papa Peep was shocked. He was told it rarely snows and when it does it melts right away. The snow may be gone by the afternoon but it was definitely more than just a dusting.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Fine Art Fridays

I saw this blog event (Fine Art Fridays) a few weeks ago but had forgotten to participate.

About my will typically find a scene like this in any market place in Ecuador. My ancestral country is full of art; indigenous or folk, mainstream, and stuff just for the tourist. Last summer I brought back some of their crafts. As I unpack them, I will use them over the next few weeks for Fine Art Fridays. Unlike Wordless Wednesday, I can discuss all the reasons why I love them.


New House!!!!!!

So we are here. All the searching and we are finally here....HOME! The move went smoothly. Nothing was lost but a few things were damaged so we now have to file claims and wait. My favorite bookshelves were damaged. I don't think we can replace them, although the movers are saying they can be fixed. I am doubtful. We will see. That still does not dampen my joy at being HOME!!!

It is short as time is not permitting me more at the moment. I promise more to come soon.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thanksgiving Trip Part 2

So on the way back, we took Rt 299 to the 101. Papa Peep just had to see the ocean. Well the 299 is not just an ordinary road. It goes up a mountain, via curvy, steep, windy, roads. We hoped to get there before the sun went down so we could actually see. We did make it and the drive was worth it. On the way back to the 5 we drove throught Redwood National Park and let me tell you it is very dark (read frightening) at night. We finally made it out but the pictures came to an end since I had no more daylight. I took over the driving and we got home around 2am. Happily we climbed into bed and enjoyed a relaxing Sunday.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My 100th Post and A Discussion on Goals

First, this is my 100th post. Back when I started this blog, 100 posts ago, I did not think I would ever share it. My sister and Papa Peep were my most loyal readers. Now that we have moved away from friends this will be our lifeline to them. It is also a little peek into this crazy household. Enjoy the ride. As I have been known to say....

Never a dull moment married to Mr. _______

Now, the other day papa peep asked the little peeps if they had goals. The peeps looked at him and wondered what he was raving about now. He gets philosophical with them at times. Most times they jump right in but when you are eating breakfast after sleeping in a tee pee type motel that was cold and "weird" and it is 7 am and you still have 6 hours more to go in your road trip, well, you really don't want to discuss your goals. They did mumble a few things in between bites of hurriedly eaten food so we could get back on the road. I continued to think about this. I have goals planned out for them but I don't think I have ever shared them with them. As oldest peep is getting older I think it is time I involve her in this process. It is after all her goals I plan. It is her future. Middle peep is mature for his years and actually had the most to say about goals so I think I need to sit with him as well. Baby Peep knew right off what he wants to do when he grows up.

I will be an artist.

But when Papa Peep asked him why or how he would achieve this, he had no answer. I think for him we will need to expose him to artists so he knows what it entails. First, he must learn to read properly.

We are sick!!

We have yucky coughs and stuffy noses. And it is cold, but sunny outside.
Needless to say no school has happened. We close tomorrow and the movers bring our books stuff on Thursday. I think we will just take the rest of the week off even though we cannot afford it. At this rate we will have to work through Christmas and New Year since we have the Ecuador trip in February and March. But I am NOT stressed. I am not. Really......

Monday, November 26, 2007


Where have we moved to? I heard this on the news tonight and I could not believe it. It was small and few felt it. I did not or I would be packing my bags right now. Still the thought that it occurred just steps from my current home....well, I just don' feel too good about that.

Then they started talking about the snow they said would only stick in high elevations and guess is not just sticking up there. It is sticking in low elevations too. We will spend alot of time inside our new home.

Thanksgiving Trip

This will be mostly a picture post as I have dozens and dozens.....OK hundreds of pictures of our most recent road trip.

Things I learned from this road trip......
  • Papa Peep UNDER estimated how far Sacramento is from Seattle
  • Papa Peep UNDER estimated how bad the traffic would be Wednesday afternoon
  • In future Mama Peep plans the road trips
  • Redwood National Park is DARK at night
  • Driving at 3000 feet above sea level will make your ears pop..painfully if you have a cold and are stuffy
  • Mama Peep will never drive on mountain roads heading towards the Pacific.....REALLY SCARY little windy, curvy, sloppy roads with sheer drops!!!! S C A R Y!!!

So without further delay, here is a sample of our trip.

Maybe Mount Rainer? We were taking the streets because the the freeway was a parking lot for MILES!

Since it took us so long to get underway we had to stop. We found a tee pee type establishment. It was very "cute". They did not keep the heat or water on in the rooms so we had to turn everything on when we got in and the cold was just too much. The peeps used body heat until the heat warmed the place up.

The fog was very thick in most places making the whole scene gloomy and depressing eventually we were higher than the fog and the sun was shining in all its glory. It made everything breathe-taking.

This picture only captures a small small piece of all the beauty. This picture proves I need a wide angle lens for my camera....anyone shopping for me....Canon Rebel XTi.

Elevation: 3000 FT. My ears!

Can you guess where we are now?

Here is a close up. Come on guess!

Last one. Look at that water. Papa Peep said it is blue because of a high lime content. Sounds good to me.

We finally arrived and meet some new family.....lots of babies and an adult we had never met before. The peeps loved the babies and enjoyed getting to know their new big cousin. She has recently moved to the California area so we will be able to get to know her better.

I know my picture is off...there was a child running underfoot and I never checked it to see how it came out. Unfortunately, I did not take another.

This post is getting really long and big so I will post the return trip some other time. I promise more awesome pictures to come.