Saturday, August 18, 2007

What a difference!!!

Papa Peep and I finally got around to getting the carpet out of Oldest Peep's room. Boy did we procrastinate today. We did not get up before music lessons to start the painting. We did not rush home after music lessons to get to painting. We went to lunch. A Mama Peep needs a full tummy to work hard. We did not rush home after lunch either and when we made it home we did not rush to start our work. I think we started the room around 4ish.....maybe.

But we did finish......OK...we are almost finished.

The color looks good and I am not a pastel, light color kind of girl. I am from NYC after all. I have a reputation to protect.

The floor is finished. My knees hurt and my ankles hurt from sitting for hours on the floor and pushing and pounding those planks into place. It is finished and I will never have to install flooring again.

Wait our master bath is still not done, but I think we may just hire someone to do that. Wallpaper is just awful. I don't want to ever do that. Someone for the kitchen too. Those ivy walls have to go. It is too terrible to post a picture or I would. I am almost sorry I have not been chronicling the transformation this house has undergone since we moved in. That is for another post.

For now my baby girl's room is pretty much finished. We will paint the trim and the closet door white. When the baseboards dry we can nail them back in and move the furniture back. I may just get her some new sheets and a new comforter to go along with the new color.

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  1. I like the new room. maybe you should get her a new mattress cause that mattress that she got makes my back hurt. OUCH!!