Thursday, August 23, 2007

I have declared war!!!

I am waging war against the ants in my kitchen! They are coming and going without permission. They walk over my counters and gather in clusters to chit chat while I am working hard to keep a clean kitchen. I will not have any more of this. Today I went to Home Depot and bought Terro Ant Bait. I have heard from a bunch of people that this is a good product to rid yourself of these pesky creatures. They only had the liquid kind available. You have to put one or two drops on a piece of paper or aluminum foil. They will swarm it and then bring it back to the nest and most importantly the queen. Well, they are swarming and I must resist the urge to kill them. I must resist. I must resist. it creeps me out to have them all clustered like this and I have to let them come and go. I also put some outside where I think they are getting into the house. I really hope it works because I am going out of my mind because of them. I have spent a small fortune on ant spray and baits and nothing seems to stop these little terrors. My neighbors are all complaining of the same. Their kitchens are being invaded. I will stand for it no longer! This is war!

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  1. YUCK!!!
    - Martha
    ps. can't remember by google email stuff that they ask for when i leave a comment so i leave as anonymous