Friday, October 26, 2007

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Reporting from the Soggy Pacific NorthWest

Boy, they were not kidding when they said it rains here. Yesterday was the only completely dry day we have had since getting here. The children are not too happy about that. I am trying to find indoor space for them to run around in. The peeps especially need to burn off lots of energy.

My temporary move things arrived and of course my clothes and one box of books are no where to be found. This box had the LL stuff in it as well as CW Poetry and some fun Knex stuff I never have time for. The LL readers were in another box but the Student and Teacher's manuals are in the missing box. We will make do. I have a Warriner's writing book we are now using.

Since we took so much time off, we have had a slow start. I feel like the old time cars that you had to whine up to get started. I have not cranked their brains enough because they keep stalling. Today Middle Peep could not think of any English derivative for nauta. He stared blankly for at least 10 minutes. He is usually quite impressive in this area. He has an extensive vocabulary. Today however he was completely stumped. I informed Papa Peep that video games are completely off until further notice. He has turned their brains to mush.

We have been house hunting as well in our spare time. I have yet to find a neighborhood I like. All the cities out here are very different from what I am use to. I find in my old age I am getting kind of set in my ways where I use to be very fly by the seat of my pants. I am trying to loosen up on my way of thinking but we lived in the South for 7 years and have done most of my real parenting there that we are so accustomed to having things a certain way. The culture is very different here. There are many many things I like. This area is truly more diverse where the South is not. The South is also very rigid in thinking where this state is more open. There are stout environmentalist here who go above and beyond your average Southerner. This is a great thing but they are against the big shopping malls I have grown accustomed too. This also means prices are much higher because everything is organic, locally grown and environmentally friendly. I love it, but it will take some getting use to as I mentioned earlier.

This area is also pretty small compared to the sprawling suburbs I have grown use to. I really must stop comparing everything to our previous location. In our hunt for the perfect neighborhood I have to reevaluate my priorities. This could take a while folks.......