Wednesday, August 29, 2007

And They Headed West to Seek Their Fortune

That's right. It is official. I will no longer be a NYC girl stuck in the South. I will be a NYC girl stuck in the west coast. We are outta here.

We have been in the South for 7 years now. It is time to get out. If I had to spend another year here I think would lose my mind. I need a city. I was holding out for NYC but at this point any city will do. Papa Peep has been talking with the natives out there and he guarantees I will find kinship there. I hope so.

The craziness of the whole thing is that we have to be out there in give or take 4 weeks. Things are not ready here. We still have a bunch of things to tighten up on the house before we can even contact a realtor so they can tell us what else to fix. And I still have to go home for a bit to break the news to mom. She will be devastated. The long flight will be hard for her to take. I guess I will be going to NYC more often. That is NOT a bad thing but definitely an expensive one.

The boys are very excited about the move. Baby Peep woke up anxious the other night about his things but once I assured him they would come with us he settled down. Oldest Peep was not very happy at first. She resists change but a few nights ago she dreamt she was surfing and things have changed. She is still sad to leave her friends and they are all begging us to stay (some of the boys a little too insistent.....hmmmm) but the dream awoke her to all the new possibilities. The boys can't wait to ski and snowboard. They want to sail and last night I was reading about wind surfing. There is so much to do there we will hardly have time to homeschool by the books.

I am so excited!!!!! I want this to be my view every morning.

Or this!

I will be happy with either one!

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