Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Summer Vacation 07

Papa Peep decided that for 4th of July he really wanted to go to the beach. I was drowning in stuff for swim team before the 4th so I left it up to him to find not only a location, but a place to stay and the general schedule of the "vacation".

Well, that will teach me to leave it to him! As soon as I laid this on him I knew I had made a mistake. Papa Peep is just not the type to think these things all the way through. First off the place he found cost too much for what we got. Don't get me wrong, it was very nice and clean, close enough to the beach and the location in general was a good one. The big plus was it was walking distance to the local Wal-Mart. (Can you just hear the sarcasm?) BUT the size of the condo was smaller than my basement. That is OK if it was just Papa Peep and I, but he somehow forgets how much room the children peeps require. We were tight in that place!

Next was the fact that we were there for only about a week. We actually had to cut it short for several reasons I will get into as the post progresses. During that week, he WORKED 3 days. I almost wan tot say he worked on the 4th but I can't remember specifically. Maybe my mind is trying to block that fact out. The point I am trying ot make is that he WORKED! We actually had to drive around to find a Starbucks so he could get his email and make conference calls. He actually got the children some terribly expensive drinks and expected them to sit at Starbucks for who knows how long and wait quietly and patiently while he chatted away. Sometimes it really dawns on me just how clueless Papa Peep is.

Needless to say, we headed out. We actually found a Books-A-Million. It was great I was pissed at him. This way I could buy without remorse. I don't even remember what I bought but I know I enjoyed buying it.

The places we found to eat dinner were terrible for the most part. The sad truth is that Applebees had the best food around. Terrible!

The beaches...well we will just say that the seaweed and the jellyfish hanging about made it tough to enjoy.

Now you are wondering where did Papa Peep take us too.....The RedNeck Riviera!


This is why I love him!


  1. I think your husband is outstanding. I think you will remember that vacation for years to come. At some point in the future, this will be a fond memory. Most good memories are memorable because of the unexpected things that happen.

    You are a lucky woman.

  2. Very funny Papa Peep! We all know this "anonymous" post was you!