Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Math Brain

I wonder how the brain can hold that much information. I am a visual learner. Middle Peep is an auditory learner. I believe these are easy learners. You just talk and they soak it all in. I wish it were that easy for me. I must see it and do it. Older Peep is visual too. I can follow some things but most I must see and do.

Most of us must write out multi step math problems. Most of us can only follow it if we pull out pencil and start scratching away. Then there are some who just can hold all that information in their brains and write down the answer. That is middle peep. Everytime I witness it, it amazes me. I am so not this kind of person. Now don't get me wrong. Math is not my enemy. I always found math easy to understand. Only in college did I met math that I had to actually study for (Calculus) to do well. But this child puts me to shame.

A goldfish cost 3 times as much as a guppy. Gary spent 3/5 of his money on 3 goldfish and 6 guppies and had $8 left. Find the cost of a goldfish.


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