Friday, August 24, 2007

Homeschool Musings..some of you might find this boring

I need to write this out as it is all jumbled in my brain and this is the best way I have to organize it.

Oldest Peep is 11.5, Middle Peep is 9 and Baby Peep is 6. GOALS! Every year I start out with goals. So far all the goals have lined up nicely for all three....well mostly the two oldest as I am just starting to include Baby Peep in our lessons. So back to the goals. They have always been the same. This year we will focus on Math, This year we will focus on Writing, This year we will focus on Latin, This year we will focus on........ ummmmm...

Well, I don't know. I really don't know.

Oldest Peep is progressing very nicely in Writing. She has made leaps and bounds. Next week I will post her latest story. I guess I could start asking her to move away from the CW models and have her write a little more creative stuff. The last time I tried that, it did not go over well though. But now she is older and more mature and not prone to having huge meltdowns when I mention the "W" word.......most of the time. *wink* Latin is coming along great and almost entirely without my help. I love Latin Prep. I will post what is going on in the Latin front next week as well. In Spanish, we could be working a little harder. OK I could be pushing them a little more to speak it more but other that that she is really doing great. We were at Walmart today and someone started talking to her in Spanish and she understood everything they said. They did not realize she did not speak it. She tried answering back in Spanish and that is when they realized she was not fluent....yet! I could not be happier in Math. She is doing Lial's Basic College Math book and doing it on her own. She is complaining about Chapter 6 and when I took a look I realized why. She never did like percents. I think I have the Key to Percents books around here somewhere. i will drag them out and see if they help her. She is actually enjoying History. She is making connections and she is remembering one chapter to the next what events occurred. She is connecting why WW2 happened. After the WW1 mess Europe was in, it really was unavoidable. She made that connection and we have yet to study WW2. Currently we are learning about the Roaring Twenties and the Great Depression. I would love to squeeze a Government unit in here somewhere but am having a hard time finding where to put it. Science we are, or rather I, am failing miserably. I only did one dissection this year. She has done more in the past, but I really meant to do more. I have the frog, starfish, grasshopper, and worm waiting to be dissected and I just did not get myself together. *Have I ever mention how much I dislike experiments?* I am not a crafty hands on mom. Just give me a good book and let's curl on the couch and read, read, read, read, read! Why is that not enough? Because I ended up with a visual, kinesthetic learner. I guess my goal for her will be to get Science done, experiments and all!

Middle Peep is the one I rarely worry about. He is the auditory learner so I just need to say it for him to learn it. He catches on quickly and can usually devise a better way before I am done explaining. Math is where he excels. He is done with Singapore 6 and I am not ready to move forward. He is ready for algebra. He is also only 9. Do I go ahead and do algebra? Do I use the Russian Math book I keep hearing great things about? Where do I go from here with him. Do I buy a Spectrum workbook and just make him keep his Math skills up to date while I Focus on say his.......miserable spelling! Spelling! Oh Spelling! This week I discovered he is a great speller! Really he is as long as he is not writing it down. Once he puts pencil to paper all reason goes out the window and he spells completely phonetically. Great for the Spanish language. Not so great in English. Spelling! Oh! Spelling! I guess my goal for him will be spelling!

Baby Peep:

He is great! I wish I had more time for him. I wish he had my full attention like Oldest Peep had at his age. I wish I had the same energy I had with her schooling. With him I just want to get through the phonics lesson because oldest peep is waiting for me, or Middle Peep is making noise and I have to shush him 20 times in the span of ONE MINUTE! I guess my goal for him will be to give him more of me somehow.

But why oh why oh why are they all so different. Why couldn't I have given birth to identical triplets?

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