Monday, August 13, 2007

The local schools start back today!

We officially started 2 weeks ago, but since the local PS had not started yet, we have not gotten much done. I am glad they are starting today. We are falling further behind on our schedule. It is nothing we can't catch up. I will post those schedules soon.

I received the grammar program I will be using with baby peep and I think it will be perfect for him. I tried it with middle peep and it was too repetitive. He bored. With baby peep it will be just what he needs. I will report after a few lessons.

Oldest peep is really understanding CW Homer. She completely impressed me last week with her grasp on grammar. Latin Prep is really working out far better than I thought. She is basically working alone on Latin and fully grasped the language. Spanish is coming along great. I must remember to make them speak it more. That is the goal. 30 minutes of talking in Spanish. Math is wonderful as I am not teaching her. She is doing it on her own. She is getting most of the problems correct. Most is review still, but she had not fully understood it before. French comes this week and even I am excited about it. I think it is something I will do only with oldest pep unless the boy peeps beg for it too.

Middle peep is chugging along as usual. He will start Latin Prep soon and I can't wait to see how he does. I think he will really like it. He is working through SM 6B easily. I was hoping he would slow down. Tonight I will look into Russian Math 6 as I am almost convinced NEM1 will be too much for him. His writing is coming along, but his handwriting is still lacking. I will start another HWT books with him today. Let's see how it goes. Spelling has to be our focus this year. I must get him to par on that.

Baby peep is adding himself to the mix nicely. I seriously considered sending him off to school . *GASP* It was just that bad! Now he is asking for school work everyday and gets upset if we don't do something. I should not have picked Right Start for his Math. Not that he is not learning with it, but it is so time intensive that it will be the first thing to go if we are pressed. He doesn't have the Math understanding M had at that age so I must make it a point to do it everyday. Something! Anything!

Well, our first full school day must begin. No interruptions! No calls to come play or swim! Just me and my peeps working hard to learn.

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