Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Clarinet Player, Violin Player, Keyboard AND Guitar!

Oldest Peep has been taking clarinet lessons for almost 2 months now. Sometimes she truly amazes me with her abilities. She has taken to this clarinet very well. I worried about her ability to juggle both instruments (she plays violin also) but hoped she could do it. She has not let me down. She practices everyday both violin and clarinet.

Now she is using her violin sheet music to play the piano. How did she do that????? Amazing!

Now the guitar. She is also teaching herself to play this. One day she opened Middle Peep's book and just started playing. She plucks the strings well and reads the music and uses the charts in the book to figure out which strings produce which notes.

The amazing thing is that I made the child that can do all those things. There is not one ounce of music know how in this body. Thank you Papa Peep. You can take full credit there.

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