Thursday, August 30, 2007

Comfort Food

I have to add this here! Today on the WTM board someone asked what was a comfort food for you. Well for me it is.......

Rice in all forms! Fried rice with some kind of meat. Brown rice, white rice......preferable long grain..but RICE. I will eat it when I feel sick and all maladies are gone. I will eat it when there is nothing else to eat and I will be happy for rice. I will eat it when I need a late night snack. (There is always a made pot of rice in my house.) I will eat it with white spanish cheese crumbled on top. I will eat it with a fried egg on top. Not green! And NEVER with butter! YUCK! I eat it with my soup. I can eat it at every meal but always with dinner. I will eat it just to get to the bottom of the pot where the hard crunchy treasure can be found!


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