Saturday, September 08, 2007

My Daemon!

LEONIDAS! I love it.

I love these books!!!

Thanks to Rupert we have enjoyed this series by Philip Pullman. Now you can too.


I am having an Enrique moment so bare with me.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

More Wild Animals!

Today we found this little dude hanging out at our trash can. It freaked oldest peep out and the boys were fascinated, but only baby peep had the courage to pick it up.

No idea where this child gets it from. Neither Papa Peep nor I like animals of any kind. Baby Peep is quite the opposite.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I don't usually visit the high school boards usually on WTM. I think I need to start making it part of my routine. I need Algebra help and quick.

I am very good at math, always have been. I usually worked on the previous night's homework in class while the teacher explained the lesson. I never liked Math but it came to me easily. Oldest Peep is another story. She has never liked it and I doubt she ever will. We started off with MUS and that was a disaster. We then moved to Miquon/Singapore and quickly dropped Miquon. Singapore was the perfect fit for her until Primary 4. I think it was 4b where she started hating math again and questioning her skills. We finished 4b and started on 5a when I realized she was just not getting it. We did the key to Fractions, Key to Decimals, and Key to Measurements just for a fun break. She did well with those. In the mean time I searched for something that would help her. We went with Saxon 76. That was good at the very beginning. Very soon she discovered it bored her to tears. We switched to Lial's and it has been happily ever after since then.

Enter Chapter 6!!!!

This chapter has shattered her complete confidence again. We have taken now 2 weeks to do this one chapter. Every time I pull out the books the flood gates open and the pleading begins. I just don't know what to do. I've looked at the video based ones because I think taking me out of the equation will be a good thing. I just don't get how she learns Math. The problem is I don't like how the others teach Math. In my opinion they over complicate things. I think Lial's BCM is a good text. It explains things clearly. They have enough problems for her to work on so that the concepts sink in, but she doesn't want to put in the work. I think it is time for another "Pep" talk.

Who will pep talk me!?!

Baby Peep's Animal Quiz

Oh My!!!

You're a Weasel!

Cunning and conniving, the only thing darker than your motives is your
reputation. People shy away from you, consider you slimy, and warn their children not
to make friends with people like you. A rare few have even threatened to skin you
alive. The good news is that you're clever enough to keep away from others for the most
part. You are most popular when screeching.

Take the Animal Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

I love these quizzes!!!!!

You're a Horse!

Versatile, powerful, and true, you have quite a reputation for hard
work and a certain unbridled spirit. Many look up to you as an example of what
people can really become, though somewhere deep down, you admit to feeling a little
bit broken. You hate racing, but are still exceptionally good at it. Beware broken
legs, dog food, and glue. If your name is Ed, you do a surprising amount of

Take the Animal Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

Bubba the Wild Turtle

So we got up early *HA* to get some yard work done. Papa Peep got out the weed whacker and we set forth. Baby Peep found his toy one and changed the batteries. He was so cute but I did not get the camera out yet. Then as Baby Peep was "cutting" the weeds too, he found the above turtle under one of our logs. I have no idea how it got there as we really do not have any creeks near us. The kids observed it for a while, named it Bubba and then left it alone. If he is lost, I hope he finds his way home soon.