Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thanksgiving Trip Part 2

So on the way back, we took Rt 299 to the 101. Papa Peep just had to see the ocean. Well the 299 is not just an ordinary road. It goes up a mountain, via curvy, steep, windy, roads. We hoped to get there before the sun went down so we could actually see. We did make it and the drive was worth it. On the way back to the 5 we drove throught Redwood National Park and let me tell you it is very dark (read frightening) at night. We finally made it out but the pictures came to an end since I had no more daylight. I took over the driving and we got home around 2am. Happily we climbed into bed and enjoyed a relaxing Sunday.


  1. That's where my mom wants to move all of us... to Eureka, CA. If only we could win the lottery!!

  2. You're insane - blogging on the eve of the Big Move??? Thanks for the photo show. Last summer we spent a day on Whiskeytown Lake, but I had no idea 299 went all the way over to the coast. I've always wanted to visit Eureka to see the old, Victorian homes. And I totally want to revisit one of the Redwood Forest groves (haven't been since I was a child ... Oh! the photo opportunities!!)