Thursday, December 20, 2007

What a day!

First the sun, then rain with sun, then just rain, and now SUN!!! NO Rain and the clouds are white and not grey! Dare I hope???

Also I think being cooped up at home makes the peeps restless. They have been nipping at each other all morning.
The final (and by final I mean just for that particular hour) battle was had when baby peep head butted middle peep. He did not mean to do it so forcefully. He sometimes doesn't realize how strong he is and he is always ........physical (for lack of a better word).
Here is middle peep.

He actually has a lump under his right eye. He did not want me to take this picture.

And here is the guilty party!!

He really was very sorry.

When I settled them down, we worked on CW's Poetry. They are all enjoying it very much.

Here is an imitation exercise we worked on today.

Ben be amazed
Ben be hard
Ben jump over the kid's backyard.
Author: Oldest and Middle Peep

Gerald had a little fan
Its edge was green as tree
And everywhere that Gerald went,
The fan was sure to flee.
Author: Oldest Peep

Miles had a little train
Its wheels were fast as light
And everywhere that Miles went,
The train would be in sight.

Author: Middle Peep

I just love CW. Tomorrow I will share baby peep's as he is still not finished.

Right now they are in the throws of another battle. When will it end.........

And for all my Spanish speaking blog readers I have created a Spanish version of this blog. Some will be the same information, some will not. This will be one of the ways I keep my Spanish relatives aware of what we do day to day in La Escuelita.

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  1. Here's hoping you get sun SOON so the kiddos can get some run around time. And hey, my peeps don't even like me taking their picture when they're happy (much less when they're crying, pouting, frowning, or God, forbid, laying down with an ice pack!!). But I take those pics, too! Shutter-happy crazy moms Unite!