Saturday, December 08, 2007


BRAG ALERT!!!! PLEASE indulge me!!!

Ever since middle peep had any control over his reasoning skills he has been a chess addict. He thinks, eats, breathes, and lives by chess. It is the end and beginning of everthing. Today, he participated in a tournament in our new state for the first time. I was unsure where to place him since this state has a different rating system than the USCF. He entered unrated (since he doesn't have a WA rating) but his coach signed him much higher knowing his skill. He won every game he played! He was on fire today. He played a few long games which he tends to blunder. He remained patient and used the advice of his new coach. Well it paid off. Next time his wins won't come so easy but he is ready for the challenge. We are very proud.