Sunday, December 23, 2007

Fine Art Fridays

fineart 001
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I know it is not Friday, but I forgot to post this earlier. Better late than never is my motto!

So why am I posting this picture?? Well, I got these guys in Panama although Papa Peep insists it was in Ecuador. You would think so by the dress style, but Panama it is. I love the details in the faces. I love the clothes. I love the hair, but what I most enjoy are the hats. # of them are wearing what I believe to be Panama hats (which are another clue to their origin...explain in a bit) and the other 2 are wearing very typical Andes Mountain head covering. I believe that style of hat in particular to be my absolute favorite. They are so very warm and they keep your ears warm which for me hurt terribly when they are cold.

As to the Panama Hats, they are actually from and continue to come from ECUADOR!!! Click here for a little history on them. Montecristi is the town where the finest Panama Hats come from and it is a town I have been to a dozen times. Probably right now as I type this my mom is there. She is in Ecuador for the Holidays.

Well, enjoy my little Nativity of what I believe are Incan Indians.


  1. I forgot to post FAF too. I have done a quick one. I love your nativity. I too have a number of ones from Bolivia and Peru. I will take some pix and post soon.

  2. This is a gorgeous nativity set!! Love it! Btw, I also love your photograph of them ... so clear with very nice depth of focus :-)

    Oh yeah, and waving at you from ... Spokane!! Merry day after Christmas, Susan