Friday, December 14, 2007

Lists and Updates

Friday's post was supposed to be Fine Arts but we are still surrounded by boxes although I do see the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak.
  • The master bedroom is 90% done. Papa Peep wants a desk for himself and we need some storage ideas for the closet. I still have 2 boxes of linens and things to unpack in the master bath.
  • Oldest Peep's room is 90%. She needs a desk and to still go through the clothes she has outgrown......AGAIN!
  • The boys still need beds and a system for the toys.
  • The game room is 95%. Papa Peep wants to get rid of the futon and get a smaller couch as this room is smaller than our previous game room.
  • The schoolroom needs desks for the computers, my Home Depot wipe board as we left the old one behind, and more shelves. We have about 25 boxes with books still waiting for a home. The closets in that room are large enough to hold about 4 Billy Bookcases from Ikea. I think this will be the best solution without putting holes into the walls for shelves and we can take them with us if/when we move again. I also need some sort of cabinet to store my teacher items.
  • The formal living room is bare other than a small stereo (must be one in every room), the Christmas Tree (which still needs redecorating) and the instruments, at last count 3 guitars (2 electric, 1 acoustic), a huge and way too powerful amp, a violin, a clarinet, a keyboard and a pan flute. Baby Peep is hoping to add drums (not on his life) and a mic. They are writing a song and he has a singing part. I will share when they are finished with it.
  • The dining room is 98% complete as we still have a painting to hang. Oops...make that 85% as we would like to get the same hardwood floors in the entry extended into the dining room.
  • The kitchen is complete other than I really want new dishes, and some more Cuisinart pots. Also since I finally have a good oven more bake ware would be nice too. But all that can wait. Also I would like a table for the eat in part of the kitchen but we can not agree on a size or style. I think we need a 6 person one. He thinks it would be too big. He thinks a square 4 person one if enough, but he miscounts. There are 5 of us in this family. Then when we get to style, I think a glass one would be easy to clean. He wants a wood one but I don't.
  • The family room needs some shelves, a couch table (is that what you call them?) for behind the couch, and some paintings.
  • All windows need window coverings as Papa Peep and I still can not agree on what to do. I think wood blinds with curtains as we find them is a good solution but he thinks just curtains or just blinds are enough.
  • The garage needs shelves for the tools and bike racks. I have seen some shelves that hang from the ceiling that would be great for storing the suitcases, Xmas decorations, etc. We are also storing the washer/dryer we want to sell as well as the boys bunk beds. I must get them on Craig's List soon.

Well, that makes it all doable EVENTUALLY!

As for schooling believe it or not we are accomplishing.....some.

  • Baby Peep
  • Baby Peep is the easiest to keep up with. He can do most on his own. It is mostly workbooks he is doing and not much actualy teaching from me. His reading is falling behind again but that is completely my fault. The reading he does in ETC is coming along. I just really need to make time for Phonics Pathways. He seems to have much of Middle Peeps talent for Math. Not quite so scary but it is coming easily. He loves writing and his handwriting is very good.
  • Middle Peep
  • Middle Peep is always my easiest. I just give him stuff to do and he does it. I never know how much to push because he never complains. I gave him a book to read that I thought would be too hard but he is reading it at a faster rate than I thought he could. He is enjoying it also. His Math is coming along. I had him skip some of the review stuff becausehe was bored silly with it. He is into the algebra stuff now and he is enjoying it. I did not think he was ready but he is doing just fine getting nothing wrong. I need to make more time for Science and History as these are the two subjects he adores. Latin has not proven a challenge yet.
  • Oldest Peep
  • Oldest Peep is chugging along. She focuses mainly on her languages. She is understanding a lot more Spanish. I need to force her to speak it but it is coming. French is her favorite and she is dedicating a lot of effort to it. Latin is moving along nicely as well. She wants to pick up Greek again. I wish GP would come out with their Greek Prep already. Math is always a chore but she is in measuremenets right now and enjoying it more. We have done very little writing, but I hope to start up CW Poetry next week.

Well there is my update. Long and boring and with no pictures. I will see what I can wrangle up today and add them later. I also will not do a Fine Art Friday because the paintings I want to show you are still in boxes. They are safer that way until we are ready to hang them.


  1. you forgot baby peeps drums are on the way... did you forget the big box that was delivered earlier this week... don't you just their titi. i hear she's awesome! :-)

  2. I love how you call everyone "peep" *Ü*

    Looks/sounds like you are coming along great with setting up the house. Can't wait to see pictures (I am a visual folk *Ü* )

    Thank you so much for the prayers for Timmy.


  3. You've gotten a ton accomplished!! I surely hope your 25 boxes of books find their way to shelves faster than mine did when we moved. Tho bookshelves are near the top of *my* priority list, on my dh's list they came after the tile floor and the yard. ;-)

    I've been meaning to email you and catch up on school stuff. Ds got a bit bogged down in BCM C. 6, and just finished this week. I don't think he was frustrated with all the new info, he just didn't like all the lengthy computation. We're about to finish LPrep2, and we're taking a Homer break til after the holidays. *I'm* sooo ready for Christmas vacation. Woohoo!!!