Friday, December 28, 2007

Thank you MAMI!!!!

Today we used my mom's Christmas present. She sent us a family membership to the zoo and aquarium. We have not used the zoo one yet as it was very, very windy today. But we did go to the aquarium. Here is a slide show of our adventure today and a few from our holiday season. Middle Peep was especially excited as his favorite science curriculum last year was My World Science. His favorite unit in that series was the Ocean one. He is his mother's child. The ocean is my favorite place to be. Nothing better. Enjoy a little peak into our day.


  1. I must know... Which zoo is this? :o)

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us. :o)


  2. It is the Seattle Aquarium!!! It is small (Atlanta just finished building a HUGE one that we had the pleasure of enjoying) but it was very nice. As everything with WA.....very friendly. The kids loved it and we get to go back when it is not so crazy. Parking took us an hour to find.


  3. I was wondering if that was it. But I was confused, thinking it was a zoo and aquarium, like Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium. And the pictures weren't fitting into what PD looks like.

    We love the Seattle aquarium!

    This year we are getting a membership to Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. I haven't been to that one in years and am excited to see the Bat House.

    Maybe we could hook up sometime and go together as a group. :o)