Thursday, December 20, 2007


This place is unbelievable. After more than 6 days of straight rain I woke up to sunny skies. OK more like slightly sunny, definitely more grey than sunny, but still there was sun there. I have sometimes questioned if even the sun reaches up this far the US. But it is here.

Suddenly, as baby peep was bringing me his jet pack to fix, the incredible happened!

It started raining!!!!!!!!

With the sun shining in all its glory (OK not really but as much as I have seen since moving here) it starts raining!!!! NO!!!!!! I only ask for one day, just one out of the whole week, with no rain. Is that too much to ask???? Well, the locals keep telling me....We have really great summers. Can we skip to them now????

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  1. OK, now you know why grunge music was born there. So, put on your flannel shirt and bob your head up-and-down to a little Alice in Chains and you will feel better. Summer is only five months away ;-0.