Friday, December 21, 2007

Another Poetry Moment

We finished our model for this week. I really need to find a rhyming dictionary that we can all use. Something comprehensive (for the olders) but not overwhelming (for the baby).

Here is Baby Peep's rendition of Mary Had A Little Lamb

Jerry had a little plan
Its code was smooth as Pip*
Everywhere that Jerry went
The plan was sure to flip

Jerry had a little plan
Its size was big as a ship
Everywhere that Jerry went
The plan was sure to slip

*he did have some help

Together they worked on their rendition of Birthdays by Maud Keary

Christmas by The 3 Peeps

When Christmas comes we always stock
Our tree upon the beautiful floor
And carefully we watch the clock
Each present opened to the core

How great to think Christmas will be
When we shall always soar one more
To all those gifts which are gradually
Building up the housekeeper's chore

This has really stretched them and me. We really are enjoying it. I am learning all sorts of poetic terms and Oldest Peep (she did a poetry class once upon a time) keeps correcting me when I get meter and foot mixed up. I love it.

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