Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving Trip

This will be mostly a picture post as I have dozens and dozens.....OK hundreds of pictures of our most recent road trip.

Things I learned from this road trip......
  • Papa Peep UNDER estimated how far Sacramento is from Seattle
  • Papa Peep UNDER estimated how bad the traffic would be Wednesday afternoon
  • In future Mama Peep plans the road trips
  • Redwood National Park is DARK at night
  • Driving at 3000 feet above sea level will make your ears pop..painfully if you have a cold and are stuffy
  • Mama Peep will never drive on mountain roads heading towards the Pacific.....REALLY SCARY little windy, curvy, sloppy roads with sheer drops!!!! S C A R Y!!!

So without further delay, here is a sample of our trip.

Maybe Mount Rainer? We were taking the streets because the the freeway was a parking lot for MILES!

Since it took us so long to get underway we had to stop. We found a tee pee type establishment. It was very "cute". They did not keep the heat or water on in the rooms so we had to turn everything on when we got in and the cold was just too much. The peeps used body heat until the heat warmed the place up.

The fog was very thick in most places making the whole scene gloomy and depressing eventually we were higher than the fog and the sun was shining in all its glory. It made everything breathe-taking.

This picture only captures a small small piece of all the beauty. This picture proves I need a wide angle lens for my camera....anyone shopping for me....Canon Rebel XTi.

Elevation: 3000 FT. My ears!

Can you guess where we are now?

Here is a close up. Come on guess!

Last one. Look at that water. Papa Peep said it is blue because of a high lime content. Sounds good to me.

We finally arrived and meet some new family.....lots of babies and an adult we had never met before. The peeps loved the babies and enjoyed getting to know their new big cousin. She has recently moved to the California area so we will be able to get to know her better.

I know my picture is off...there was a child running underfoot and I never checked it to see how it came out. Unfortunately, I did not take another.

This post is getting really long and big so I will post the return trip some other time. I promise more awesome pictures to come.


  1. These are awesome pictures. great job

  2. Your husband must be really cool to take you on such a trip. You are super lucky to have such a great man in your life!

  3. Great Pictures!! I love the mountains! :)

  4. D'oh! My post above belonged down here. And I meant "drought", not "draught" (no, I haven't been drinking. Why do you ask?!? ;-)

    It's SHASTA!!! It's my 2nd favorite place to waterski (right after the Colorado River in AZ).

  5. S, I know what you meant to do/say. HAHA! I am just glad you came back to visit. I specifically put Shasta up for you. I figured you would know.

    A, They are even more impressive in person.

    BTW, the 2 anonymous posts are from DH trying to be funny and cute. He tries. :-)