Monday, November 26, 2007


Where have we moved to? I heard this on the news tonight and I could not believe it. It was small and few felt it. I did not or I would be packing my bags right now. Still the thought that it occurred just steps from my current home....well, I just don' feel too good about that.

Then they started talking about the snow they said would only stick in high elevations and guess is not just sticking up there. It is sticking in low elevations too. We will spend alot of time inside our new home.


  1. P, you are now circled by volcanos! You are in Earthquake country now! Loved the pix, G's Sister's kids? Too cute. Glad you made it there and back OK, How was Portland?

  2. We didnt feel a thing! We did get snow.. funny how the weather peeps didnt mention snow all week and bam! Now we have snow. We love it though! Its welcomed....

    Are you new to the area?

    Lisa~ who lives in Kitsap County Washington

  3. Hey I know what state you’re in now. :o) You’re a local gal! :o) And not far from me. :o)

    We didn't feel anything either here in Kitsap County. DH and I were, like, what there was a earthquake? I (DH was reading) was watching Journey Man and a blurb came up at the bottom of the TV screen.

    LOL, just commenting on Lisa's comment... Guess what? The Wii Weather Channel said there was going to be snow. LOL Can't remember if it said Monday or Tuesday, but when Jake checked it a few days back, it forecasted snow for our area. Too funny!

    Have a wonderful day!


  4. I am local now. We moved here about 2 months ago and Wednesday we close on our new home in Snohomish County. We have not made it out to Kitsap but that is on the list of things to do in the summer. Thanks for visiting the blog.

  5. MOUNT SHASTA!!! Wow, the water level is really really low. Let's all say it together now: Draught. I can't believe you guys braved Hwy 5 on the biggest driving day of the year. Yikes.

    We'll be doing that drive for Christmas .... only farther. SoCal all the way to Spokane. Hopefully our traffic flow will be faster than yours was.

    Beautiful, beautiful photos - especially the fog ones.

    Susan (in SoCal)

  6. Susan,
    We have family in SoCal (LA area and SanD). They want us to visit them too. Not sure my bum could handle that. Good luck with your drive. I don't envy you nor is it a drive we will do in the near or far future again.