Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Wordless Wednesday


  1. LOL! I love pictures...They are pricless....

    This was also my first time at your blog....

    Thanks for sharing... Happy WW and Hapyy Thanksgiving!


  2. Love it!

    Your blog is gorgeous. I am definitely bookmarking it for return visits.

  3. A llama for the J'man! They have the same hair!! You have to save that for him.


  4. jb,

    You totally got it.....matching hair.

    The funny thing is that was at the Central Park Zoo. The next week we went to a zoo in Seattle and there was another llama he matched hair with. He refuses to let me cut it anymore so it is getting quite long.

    Lisa and Meliss, thanks for the visit! I have just started sharing the blog. At first I did not think I had anything to share but your blogs and others have inspired me.


  5. Wow! Your daugher is not the only one in your family who's blessed with amazing hair!! Your have a beautiful family and a beautiful blog. I look forward to perusing more when I'm not elbow deep in T-day cooking. Mega congrats on your house closing escrow - no small task in today's market!