Thursday, November 01, 2007

Updates Galore

Well I have lots of pictures and lots to tell about......

First the move.....

It is going much better than the last time I posted about it. I am gettig to know the area...the good and the bad. The traffic is bad but then not as bad as our previous home. The rain is not as bad as I thought. It has actually been very nice fall weather. I had missed the trees and all their beautiful colors. This was something I loved about living in the North East. I am glad the North West has it too.

And did you know the mall actually has a library in it!!?? You can go to the mall and hang out at the library! That is awesome. The other great thing is that right outside the library area is the chess area. They have a huge chess board and lots of really great competition. Middle Peep is in heaven. We have been told any time the mall is open you can find people playing chess. What a great city!!!!! The parks are abundant and full of wonderful play equipment.

I would have liked to stay in this area but the houses are so expensive that we had to go north. The great news is that we found a house.....FINALLY!! It is a new constructure with a lot of upgrades and still less than what we were finding in the desireable neighborhoods. It is close to a YMCA that we want to join. I think we will be happy there. The views are really nice too.
And the house we are selling is under contract as well!!!! Everything is working out perfectly.

What we enjoyed this past week:

Cougar Mountain Zoological Park

We went to this zoo park. It was small and intimiate but still better than our last zoo. We arrived in time to see and hear the Tiger Lecture. There are 2 baby tigers that the zoo is taking care of. They are brothers and one is white while the other is the normal orange with stripes. These are some very friendly tigers. Baby Peep as usual was running around and the striped tiger started running back and forth in his cage and pouncing the cage walls after him. It was very cute. He was just like a big kitten...albeit a big dangerous kitten. The boys had a blast with these tigers. The white tiger keep pouncing on his brother while he was distracted with the boys. It was funny.

Pacific Science Center

On Sunday, since we were done looking for houses (YIPPEEE) we went to this science center. WHAT A PLACE!!!!! This is a must membership. It satisfied all the peeps' needs. One likes the dinosaurs, the other likes the funky physics experiments, and the other liked the insects and other animals you could touch. Mama and Papa Peep liked that everything worked and the entrance fee for the whole family was low. Papa Peep's company subsidizes most of the cost which makes it very very affordable.

Haunted House

After we found a place to eat (yummy burgers and fries) we headed south to this nifty place. Again the corporate discount made it possible. We went through the VERY scary haunted house and then let the kids get on some rides. The whole time the kids were incredulous that we were there. They have been great troopers through the whole "move saga". They have endured endless hours of driving, seeing houses, talking about houses and most of all stressed parents. They deserved the nice break.


We had a blast!!!!

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