Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It is done...

These days are about life more than schooling.

The house is sold. It is no longer mine and after walking through before the final sale I really could not be happier. As soon as I walked into it I stopped romanticizing it and saw all the projects still left to be finished for it to be perfect. I am free emotionally from it. I am more than ready to move into my new house and make it our home. I also appreciate my new area more so than when I first got here. When the plane landed last night, the lady next to me (we chatted most of the way here) said to me, "Welcome home!" and I took it to heart and replied simply, "Thank you."

This is home.

Our visit was fun as we got to see Papa Peep's brother and his family. Their baby has just turned 2 and is adorable. We got to hang out with friends and enjoy alot of good food. We celebrated the sale (especially in this market) and some other personal truimphs for friends. It was a great good bye visit.

Today we have the walk through for the new house and even though we have a little conflict I am confident we will work it out. I have already measured windows for window treatments. Now to decide what to put up. In our old house I had nothign on the windows since I was way up on a hill and surrounded my trees. Plus for more than half the time we were there, the windows were old and foggy. No one saw in or out! :-)

We are up on a little hill but the neighbors are closer. They do not want views of Papa Peep out of the shower. So after Thanksgiving we will hit Ikea!!! I love that place. Today since I am going to the house I will bring the camera along to share some shots of the place.

To be updated later......


I forgot my camera!!! WAH!!!!! Enough said....

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