Monday, November 19, 2007

Spanish Part 2

So now your child has all this vocabulary (where I am with oldest peep) but is not really speaking Spanish. What do you do? You get So You Really Want to Learn Spanish because you really do want to learn.

I have written often about this program many times on the WTM boards and on the Galore Park yahoo group. I can not say it enough. This program will get your child reading, writing, speaking, and thinking in Spanish. All you have to do is use it, study it, learn it. I will be the first to admit I need to have my peeps speaking it more, but they can translate most of what they hear me say to them. They can understand most simple books I read to them. I just really really need to make them answer me in Spanish. Funny enough, I know many in my generation whose parents speak Spanish but they do not. They understand completely but will answer completely in English. I am creating this!!! AHHHH!!!

Back to has exercises to translate sentences from English to Spanish from Spanish to English. They have short passages that tell about the culture in Spain. For example, they have a diary of sorts about a young boy's day. Your student reads it and then the is asked questions to see if they comprehend the passage. I read the passage to them. I let them read it aloud and to themselves. I copy it and let them mark the words they do not know. I ask them to translate orally and then I ask them to write out the translation. Then I read it to them again and ask them to just listen to it in Spanish and try to understand in Spanish. This is just one of the many exercises. Enough to say I love it.

Now my cautions. I speak Spanish fluently so I find it easy to use. I don't know how this would relate if I did not speak Spanish. I do know that French Prep and Latin Prep are books that I am easily using without really knowing the language. I do not own the audio cd's. I have read and heard from others that the cds are not that helpful. I am sorry for that as I will soon order the French one just because there are a lot of words I know I am pronouncing wrong. Also, it is Spain Spanish not South American Spanish. I know the differences and can easily add them in when necessary. There really are not many and anyone you speak to will know the differences. Most importantly I would not begin this with anyone younger than 10 and only if they have a large Spanish vocabulary. If they are younger I am finding some other things helpful.

I would find a Spanish Immersion class for the year, rent favorite videos and watch them in Spanish, tape Plaza Sesamo, read Dr. Seuss in Spanish (that is challenging even for me) and just immerse yourselves. If you have Dish Network or access to United Streaming, I highly recommend Elementary Spanish. I dismissed this program when I first reviewed it. Baby Peep is using it and enjoying it tremendously. I may start Middle Peep on it soon. If you can use this, I recommend you watch it with your peeps and help them practice throughout the day.

Another program that we are enjoying a lot if Fun Spanish. If you look farther down the blog you will see Middle Peep has started this also. It is funny and is allowing my not so language crazy peeps to have fun and still learn. It is written by a fellow homeschool mom who has some wonderful ideas and products available at her site so go check her out.

It is not an easy task to learn a language. It is not something to be undertaken by the faint of heart. It is immensely rewarding and satisfying. Just think of the part of the world that will open to you because of your new acquired language.


  1. Hi there! I found this post via the WTM boards.

    I'm wanting to purchase this series, but I wondered if you needed the Teacher's Manual and the CD. I speak Spanish - not fluently, but fairly well - so I don't think I'd have any trouble understanding or reading things. Is the TM only the answers or only a duplicate of what's in the student book? Is it necessary?


    Hillary :)

  2. You will need either the TM or the cd. I would go for the TM because it makes checking their work faster and contains all stories read on the cd. Since you speak Spanish you will read the cd parts to them and can read it slowly so they really understand. The TM is almost as thick as the student book. I don't have the cd but have read others say it is not as helpful as the TM. Let me know if I can answer any more questions. :-)