Saturday, January 19, 2008

Poetry update

This week the peeps had to write an iambic poem that followed the da-DUM, da-DUM, da-DUM meter.

Well, Oldest Peep explained what that meant and then we got to work. She was not feeling well so her effort was minimum but I thought not too bad. Perhaps we will redo this when she feels better. I should look ahead to see if we get to do this skill again.
A tree is yellow today
The grass is blue today
The sky is purple today
The sea is pink today
Middle Peep's iambic poem:
A car is very fast
It must not get in last
A rock is very slow
Try not to stub your toe
I wrote one as well but oldest peep only copied half of it and the mama brain doesn't remember
the last two lines. Here goes:
In fall we like to play
A leaf is friend to me.
Have I mentioned how much we are enjoying CW's Beginning Poetry?

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  1. Happy WW! Came by to see if you woul dplay with us today! *Ü*

    Did you get my emil?? Sorry it was so late...

    The kids did great! Tell them for me...