Sunday, January 06, 2008

The flowers I promised

They did not tun out as I had hoped. I did not have my rebel with me. I had my old, beat up, pocket camera... The Canon Powershot. I love it because it fits in my pocket. :-) However, it has been much abused (by the children who tried to claim it as their's once I got my Rebel...HA!) and admittedly by me. I had taken it for granted and I think it is giving out on me. What will I do without my pocket camera?? I will share what might be the last shots it takes. Maybe if I had Photoshop?????


  1. I do enjoy looking at and taking flower pics :-) If there's no wind, flowers are just ever so much more cooperative to photo than kiddos!! and they let me take as MANY pics as I want. not like kids. and they don't refuse to smile, or squint in the sunshine, or have food smeared on their mouths or boogers in their noses. flowers, yes. I like taking pictures of them :-)
    And yes, photoshop can do some amazing stuff. I hope someday to add it to my arsenal of tricks. But alas, buying CS3 right now would mean also having to buy a new computer that could actually run it. So, those are 2 purchases that are probably a year down the road or so. In the meantime, I have to polish my photo skills without the added magic of photoshop...
    Happy Monday! We're starting LP3 this morning. Yikes!!!

  2. I think they are lovely!

    I need to look into photo shop... I keep hearing about it... now I’m determined to look into it... *Ü*

    Hope you are having a good Monday... Today was our first day back to school... I will add... its been a long, stretched out day! lol We weren’t ready mentally I think. *Ü*


  3. We schooled through the holidays. What a mean mama I am!!! :-0 The move forced us to and the fact that we are going to South America in March for at least a month.

    However, today was like our first day back. They seemed to have lost their brains over the weekend. And they have been soooooo loud. I am actually hiding from them now that Dh is home.
    My nephew has been with us for the holidays and I am doing some school things with him too and you would think he has been homeschooling with us forever. He can't find his pencil after he sets it down....when he finds it he has to sharpen it....he can't remember what we did yesterday....he wants to know when is park day....he wants to know if we are taking any field trips this week...when is lunch...what's for dinner....and keeps answering everyone else's questions......Good grief!!! :-)