Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I love Papa Peep

Look what he just got us for our anniversary!

He is not the most romantic guy out there, but he sure knows what makes me smile. I sure do love him.

Since today is our anniversary, I will write ten things I love about my sweetie!

His eyes and those lush eyelashes!

His tiny, tiny ears!

His big, sexy biceps!

His silly, nervous smirk!

His not very funny jokes!

His brain......He is a very intelligent guy!

His childishness!!!!

His kisses!

His love for his children!

And the No. 1 thing I love about Papa Peep is.......

That he loves me!!!!!!

Happy Anniversary Darling!


  1. Dang, wish my man would give me a lens like that too! Enjoy, I'm sure we all will as well by seeing all the great pix you will take. Happy Anv. guys and many more.

  2. Happy belated Anniversary! :o) How many wonderful years?


  3. Happy Anniversary!

    How long have you had your Rebel? I'm still going through the paralysis of analysis with regards to cameras. I thought I wanted a digital SLR, but then when I realized how little I knew about them I changed my mind and went for a point & shoot. But now that I have learned more, I am wanting an SLR again! Ugh! So do you love yours? Is it your first SLR?

  4. WOOOHOOOO! I'm jumping up and down with excitement for you :-) Watch out Ecuador - you're about to be pho-to-graphed!!!!

  5. Genie,

    YES!!!!! I love my SLR. I knew nothign about them before I got mine. I think it waslast year for our anniversary too. *blush* Althought I am the one that mostly uses it we both enjoy photographing mostly the children and our travels. We are learn as we go type people, so we are learngin as we go. :-) Much more fun that way. I am heading to the lib for a photography book though cause this lens is more lens than I know what to do with. Need some tips from the experts. So basically I say.......jump in! You will never go back!


    PS Thank you all for the anniversary wishes! We have been married for 10 years! How time flies when you are having fun! :-)