Sunday, January 27, 2008

My evenings

I have spent the last 2 weeks in the evenings pulling metal buttons of all size, shape, and intricacy, off of Baby Peep's pants. He is allergic to nickel. He gets a rash from the metal buttons on pants just below his belly button and the metal buttons by the front pockets of some pants. Have you ever searched for jeans without metal buttons? GOOD LUCK! Almost impossible. Since Baby Peep is growing into not so much of a Baby Peep any more, the search for non-metal pants has increased to a frenzy. I have been fortunate to find a few in Target, a few in Old Navy and a few more in Kohl's. Those that Middle Peep wore and now fit Baby Peep must get demetalized (Is that a word? I just made it up I think!)
So the picture below is just from 2 jeans...ONLY TWO!!!
I repeat that HUGE pile of mangeled metal buttons use to belong to just 2 pairs of jeans. I need to call someone about this! I can't continue to pull these buttons for the rest of his childhood. This is not an easy task. My hands and fingers can attest to that!
But one I perform happily if it will end those nasty, itchy rashes he gets.


  1. Oh poor baby peep! And what a GREAT mom you are. :o) That would be hard to fild jeans w/o metal buttons. Maybe he will grow out of allergy as he gets older. :o)

    My dd is allergic to flea's. That is a hard one to control with 3 cats in the house. :o( But advantage works very nicely on our kitties.


  2. wow, what a job- and your poor baby! My son had a problem like this as a baby...the snaps on the baby p.j. and onsies caused him a problem. I painted clear nailpolish on the parts that touched his skin- this seemed to work, but I guess maybe in the long run it might wear off..but it might be worth a try on things you can't get off...or if your fingers are just too tired.