Saturday, January 19, 2008

Peeps' Winter Wonderland

Monday night it snowed here. While the peeps did play in it that night, it was not until Tuesday morning that all the fun was really to be had. Everything froze over night and it was just slick enough for cardboard boxes (like we don't have enough of those about) and some cooped up peeps to really enjoy. We witnessed several trucks try to skid their way up our little hill while the peeps tried to skid down. I continually had to tell Baby Peep to STOP eating the snow while trying to get Middle Peep not to be so risky. Oldest Peep, as usual, first cautious quietly observing and then the last to be dragged back inside.


  1. Had to show my kids some pictures of your kids so they have an idea of who we will be hooking up with when we go to the zoo!

    My kids loved the pictures. There are some GREAT WW pictures in there. :o)


  2. Hey, whoever was taking some of those photos was pretty low to the ground herself ;-) !!