Monday, January 28, 2008

My word!

They had called for snow yesterday but we got a beautiful sunny day so I thought the snow would not come. As I was going to sleep it started, but I awoke to this scene this morning.

That is a lot of snow!

Here are some accumulations from the front yard.

The view from the back.

Then of course the kids bundled up and ran out there to play.

(Note: The slideshow that should go here is in the post above because photobucket is determined to make me crazy and not work like it should.)

(Note 2: I think there is something wrong with blogger as I tried a new photo service website and it gave me a hard time also. I think I have it resolved above, but I still can't put it here where it belongs. Bummer)

I wonder if we will get any school done today. We are behind schedule as it is. These snow days don't help the matter.


  1. what a gorgeous view! y'know, stopping to think about it, that's probably my favorite thing about snow. looking at it. not being in it, not shovelling it, not driving in it. just looking at it. ;-)

  2. I agree w/ skeller, looking is far better then driving or shoveling snow...which is why I live in AZ but appreciate people who share pictures of their pretty white stuff! :)