Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Not so worldless today. Middle peep may possibly have asthma. I grew up with asthma and am kind of bummed that I passed this down to him. I am currently researching more natural ways to deal with this. I do not want him taking the myriad of drugs and treatments I underwent. I eventually grew out of it mostly. Every now and then when a really bad cold hits I have that wheezing in the chest but mostly I have not had to taken any asthma medication in over 20 years.


  1. Oh! Im sorry! Hope middle peep is well and breathing easy! How scary!

    Good for you to educate yourself and see what else is out their! Kudos momma peep! Kudos!

    Lisa, your soon to be zoo buddy!

  2. Bummer! My ds6 was hospitalized with breathing problems when he was 2. He's still the one who gets hit harder when cold season arrives.


  3. I'm all to familiar with that inhaler :-(. My bro is on new stuff now. I should ask him what it is. But, then he never grew out of his. I hope M never fully develops it and his body is just adjusting to the PNW air.

  4. So sorry to hear about middle peep. Hoping he grows out of it very soon. :o)


  5. Come on over to my blog. I have something for you. *Ü*


  6. So sorry, ...3 of my 4 have asthma, I always joke that I am waiting for my prize for that! My kid's are mostly virus induced or outdoor mold induced, which means they usually all have asthma at the same time. They do seem to be growing out of it as they get older, the last 2 years have been better.