Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Spanish Lessons!

My hard work has paid off!

We have started a Spanish Club. 2 moms from our new homeschool group are coming over weekly to enjoy a few hours of my beautiful Spanish language. We have planned activities for the kids and are trying really hard to only speak Spanish while they are here. Today we had a great day! With the beginners we played a matching game, we read a book, and we ate tostones. When the more advanced students arrived we played Monopoly, Dibujonario (my Spanish version of Pictionary), read some pictures books, and Oldest Peep gave us an oral presentation on a book she read. The assignment was to pick a picture book in Spanish and then tell us about it; the story line, what she liked about it, etc.

This is the book she read.

Empanadas que hacia Abuela

Here is her report (just as she wrote it).

  • La familia de abuela vienen para una fiesta. La abuela hace empanadas para la fiesta. Ella pone calabaza en la empanadas. Los ninos llevan la calabaza a la casa. La calabaza en vuele la masa. El rodillo extiende la masa. Los nietos empujan el rodillo. El abuelo viene a la fiesta, y los primos da muchos abrazos. El perro de abuelo sige el todos partes. Son empujan el rodillo. Los primos arrive a la fiesta. Son persigen el perro! Los primos da abrazos a la abuelo. Ahora todos familia vienen a la casa de abuela. It is time para la fiesta! Abuela alimenta la familia. La familia loved la empanadas. La familia quiren leche. So abuela sirve la leche para la familia. La familia content est. Finally la fiesta was over. Abuela suena con las caras content. Este libro es bueno. Yo quiero que mi abuela hace empanadas todo dias.

English words Latin words

I was very impressed. I handed her the book, told her the assignment and then left it to her to do completely on her own. Afterwards I asked how she felt having done a great job? She said she was proud of herself. Once she started writing she said the words just came to her and she was able to do most of it without having to look things up. WOW!!!! Thank you SO YOU REALLY WANT TO LEARN SPANISH!!!!! Mr. Oulton (publisher) and Mr. Bolger (author) you are my heros!!!!


  1. I just love your blog, Mama Peep!! I am from NJ not far from NY. Your kids will rule the world one day. Make it happen, Mama! Make it happen!

    Blessings to you,
    Karen aka Testimony on WTM boards

  2. OH I wish I live by you!!! I would LOVE to be involved with your spanish group. Even though I know nothing about the language. :o)

    Can I be a groupie? :o)


    PS: I do want the kids to learn Spanish and next year we will add it to our curr. list. :o)

  3. I miss your tostones :-(((. Tell S-peep, awesome job!

  4. Very well done book report! I know a little, itty-bit of Spanish. Your club idea sounds wonderful...I'm looking forward to hearing more about how it goes!