Thursday, February 07, 2008

Excuse me while I get political

Barack Obama inspires me to no end. I just watched this video and it brought tears to my eyes. I hope you enjoy it as well. I first saw it at the Latinos for Obama site.

This video has so inspired me that I will share with you my history.

I was born and raised in the South Bronx in the 80's where it was not a safe time. My mother is a single mom who worked day and night in sweatshops in NYC to put warm homemade meals on the table for my sister and I every night, while still sending money "home" for her younger siblings and my grandmother. She scrimped every penny she could to send us to private schools because the education system was and is so broken. My future was different because of her commitment and sacrifice. I am a stay at home mom, currently living in the suburbs, owner of my own home, married to the man of my dreams, father of my children. We have been fortunate to travel the world and share our journey with our 3 children. I have always home schooled my children not because of my religious convictions but because I can offer them more than our school system can. It is a truly broken system that needs mending desperately. I worry what the world thinks of the US. We are all citizens of Earth. Our politics matter to so many more than just Americans. I worry that the decisions of the current administration and the decisions of those Congressmen and Congresswomen who supported and continue to support them, have led us down a path of hatredness. A path so riddle with conceit and pride, that the world shakes its head in disappoint and disbelief at our audacity. I can no longer stand by and just watch this happen. Barack has inspired, has awaken a deep desire in me for something better. I wholeheartedly believe that something better is inside us all. It doesn't matter if we believe in universal healthcare, cutting taxes, increasing taxes, getting out of Iraq, staying another hundred years. What matters at this time, in my opinion, is someone uplifting, someone inspiring, someone with sound judgement, someone with integrity, someone ready to make the difficult decisions before us, someone ready to sacrifice, someone ready to put the needs of others ahead of the needs of big corporations, someone commited to a united America. That person for me can only be Barack Obama.

My 9 year old just asked me a very important question. He asked,

"Mom, if Barack doesn't win the nomination, who would you vote for?"
My response is this:

Barack for me means more than just the next presidentcy. He is a new direction for this country. No other candidate inspires that feeling in me. All the other candidates are politics as usual. A politics dominated by big business interests and lobbyist with deep, deep pockets. Electing Barack to the White House is only the beginning of a big change necessary in this nation. We need to elect a better Congress to pass the laws necessary for this country to move forward with dignity and compassion. This country is at a crossroads. Which direction shall we go? It will affect my children, and my grandchildren and believe it or not my relatives living in Ecuador, my friends living in Ireland, people I met while traveling in Australia, and countless other citizens of the world.


  1. Very moving, the man got my vote. It's time for a change. Hope all went well and you will be able to go to the convention! Too cool.

  2. Aaah. Your mom sounds amazing. And you're walking in her footsteps, giving the best you can to your kiddos. :-)
    Happy weekend...

  3. Good morning! I have to laugh because... I know you sent 2 comments on my blog.... but the one under your daughters blog... I thought you were a new Patricia visiting! *Ü* You could have said nothing and I wouldn’t have known.. well maybe till I went and checked out who it was *Ü*

    See you Friday, I cant wait! It will be fun. *Ü*

  4. Thanks for getting political...I feel more inspired after reading this then I did last Tuesday (AZ primaries). And thanks for sharing about your mom!