Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More Zoo photos

We had such a great time at the zoo with our new friends that i just had to post more photos. In the next post I will feature more of the hands and feet pictures of the gorillas.

I have to share the story of this poor turtle. Meet Princess!!!! According to the zookeeper, years ago she had some eggs that got stuck inside her. They operated and removed the eggs but as a consequence of the surgery she could no longer dive under water. She basically bobs up and down and floats her merry way. So how did she get upside down? There was a tree truck just above where she fell so our best guess is that she fells of the log and because of her surgery she could not right herself. She was struggling and fighting to flip backover but just could not. The kids were anguised until the zoo keep came along to right her. Once fliped she swim right over to her favorite spot. Poor Princess!!!! They gave her that name because she must be hand feed and must be tended to more closely than the other turtles. Since she can not dive the food they scatter in the pool is impossible for her to reach. The zookeeper did tell us she would have drowned had we not called for him and that it had been many many years since she had fallen upside down.


  1. Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL! Those colors of the birds are amazing.

    I love the last picture of princess too. :o) What a special turtle. I thought Jessica was going to burst into tears. Turtles are her favorite animal.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. So glad Princess is okay! Glad you guys spoke up and saved her life! :o)Brittney