Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Wordless Wednesday


  1. Too cool! We have to go to a zoo to see those :-(

  2. Don’t you just love the PNW?! This last summer... Im not lying either ask Tina wa... we had over 20 daily about 5 minutes form our house... we live 5 minutes from a marina and when the tide is out they come and hang out... I lost count after 20.... They are such magnificent birds... and huge!

    I love this picture! Im so glad you shared it!


  3. Very impressive. Were they near your house?

  4. I love our area. Lisa is right, at certain times, they are everywhere. I love seeing them. We never get tired of seeing them, unlike seagulls... Sorry seagull fans...

  5. We actually were at the zoo but these guys were far off outside the zoo. Someone spotted them and the zoo people pulled out a telescope so folks could get a better view. I happen to have my super telephoto zoom lens and was able to capture this OK shot. I am glad you enjoyed it. We sure did!


  6. Fantastic, what wonderful creatures they are.

    how cool you can see them outside of a zoo.
    really, just outside, huh? funny!