Monday, February 18, 2008

Obama Rally

I know I am super behind on blogging but with the upcoming trip and a few other things I am juggling, blogging is lowon the priority list. Here is what I typed up for those interested in the Obama Rally. I promise to finish it......

We attended the Obama Rally today in Seattle. I woke the kids up at 7:30. We gulped breakfast and ran out the door. We got in line just before 9am. It was cold. It was super windy. It was cloudy and rain threatened. The line behind us began to stretch out of sight. We eventaully saw where it was wrapping around the building and reports of a line on the other side of the arena reached us. The crowds were unbelieveable. Just before 11am Baby Peep could stand the cold no longer. I thought I would have to find a warm place for the peeps to huddle in when the line suddenly started moving. The doors were opened and the promise of warmth was within reach.

I will back up a bit and share with you all that yesterday we went to a phone center and we volunteered making calls to remind folks to causus. In this state, for the Democrats, you must causus for your vote to count. The delegates get choosen at the causcus. It is very important to attend it. Also anyone can go to the caucus and register that day. So Papa Peep and I are caucusing tomorrow! We thought we were not eligible since we just moved here, but we can. Did I tell you all I love this state! Back to the story...

So we went to this phone center and volunteered. I made the calls, the peeps made posters and helped staple things, and generally entertained the other volunteers with their antics. Turns out alot of them were students from Canada who had come down to volunteer and help us get Barack elected. Our Canadian neighbors volunteering to help Barack Obama get elected.....some had even been to Iowa so they have been with the campaign for a long time. THEY DO NOT GET TO VOTE, but they are helping us get him elected. It blew my mind. It still blows my mind and at the same time it shames me. They are interested in our politics and they are investing their time and energy in our politics. Truly global!!! Amazing.

Ok back to today.....

We got pretty good seats, almost center. We were not in the nose bleed but we were not ground level "mosh pit" either. Behind us, in front of us, to the left and to the right of us were students...some college...some high schoolers (If they turn 18 before the general election, they can caucus!!), but clearly an abundance of young people. There was at least 2 rows behind us og high schooler students who cheered and roared as if they were there to see their favorite rock star. They were anxious. They were eager. They were completely engaged. They watched the big screen and cheered and boo'ed apropriately.

more to follow..................


  1. I still think your husband is cooler than Obama!

  2. Congrats on Obama! I am actually Scottish but I read the news on the BBC site this morning.

  3. Ya, but can Mr Anon/G make whole rooms full of women swoon? ;-0

  4. Ridge,

    That depends on what "room" you are talking about :)


  5. What a great experiance for your kids .....