Thursday, December 18, 2008


We got snow last night!
And it is still coming down this morning.
My strawberry plants are somewhere in that far corner. Will they survive? The spinach is under there too along with some carrots and onions!!!!
The kids have declared a snow day (even though I haven't). Just you wait until they come back inside!!!
Where is he going????
Last night, as Papa turned down our street to come up our little hill, he saw cars stuck in the middle of the road. I went out to inspect and sure enough a bunch of neighbors were pulled over to the side of the road because they couldn't make it up (at least 8). One was stuck smack dab in the middle. Another family and the Peeps helped them out by pushing them to the side. It was hard work. Luckily Papa's car is all wheel drive and was able to handle the snow/ice mix.
Enjoying the snow! Oh, to be a kid again and not feel the bitter cold and icy wetness......
What use to be the front yard!
The little peeps are out there with friends playing in the snow. I love that I don't have to be out there with them. I can see them right from my window and my warm desk.
So what are you doing today??? We are staying home!


  1. We are looking at your pictures and wishing it was us having all that fun!

  2. We Have snow too! Lots of it and its still coming down! Last measurment taken was 5 1/2 inches and counting. Its not almost 10:30

    Love the fluffy stuff!! Its not wet at all...

    Stay warm my friend... and I will email as soon as I hear back from the train folks... Im actually surprised we havent....

  3. I think your strawberry plants will be fine. We've had strawberries growing in our front yard for 10 years and they haven't died when it snows yet. (they only die when I forget to water them in the summer :-)

  4. We are loving the snow too! I guess we are not that far from you. We are off of Seattle Hill Rd. My girls had a snow day today also. Its just to hard to try and do school with the whole neighborhood outside. I had to give in. So far we have 7 inches at our house. Its still snowing here right now. I am so loving this. I want a white Christmas.