Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Shoveling snow ain't easy....

and if you have the wrong equipment, darn near impossible I would say!
That is a pretty narrow garden shovel.
Yes!!! That is a garden rake you see. No! Do not adjust your screens. He is shoveling snow with a garden rake. How you ask???
Like that!
and that!
We like our snow to line up in neat little rows
before we drive over it!
Let's take a look again!!!
Narrow garden shovel
Garden rake!
Who knew????
This is what a snow shovel will do for you!
You can actually see the sidewalk!
This is what a narrow garden shovel and a garden rake will do
At least they gave up with this one.....
Yes!!! That is a leaf rake you see. No! Don't adjust your screens.


  1. Can a Zen garden be created out of snow? Caught a little unprepared by the weather? :-)

  2. Interesting way to do it. Friends from montana were just telling us yesterday. They get dry snow and just rake or sweep it, versus our wet snow that you have to use a shovel for. Didn't know there was a difference. :)

    Happy New Year.


  3. Too funny! I posted last week about pulling into my parent's driveway only to find my brother using a leaf blower to blow the snow off their sidewalks. Who says we are limited to shovels, lol.

  4. Well did he at least go to Home Depot in the end? :)

  5. hahahaha! Better you guys than me. I don't have the right equipment, either!!

    Hope it warms up soon! Happy New Year :-)

  6. That is so funny! I love the snow set in rows.

  7. LOL. Thanks. That is awesome. I do rake the snow in the yard to make a little path for the doggie to do her business, but snow shovels are great inventions. It took me years after we moved here to even learn to use one. My neighbor-lady is a little tiny school teacher and always has her driveway shoveled perfectly before I even get up. I still can't figure out why hers looks so much better than mine. There is magic to it, that I just have never learned.
    Enjoy your snow, It melts eventually if you leave it long enough. ;)

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