Monday, December 22, 2008

As of Sunday 5:30PM

Of course it snowed more since then.....


  1. OK, we need to send in the National Guard to dig you all out! This is getting ridiculous!
    All these baby pictures have me worried.. snowed in and baby on the brain makes for a dangerous combination. ;-0

  2. Is this crazy or what?? My ruler disappears now! LOL We have 15 + easy.... My husband’s flight was cancelled to come home tonight :( He may not get home now till Christmas night... :( :( :( :(

    That’s my face and my kids....

  3. Jenny, No babies here! I promise!!!!!

    Lisa, I am so sorry your hubby won't be home. My mom gets in tonight and her flight is threatening to be delayed. Who knows!!! I still need to find a spot the children haven't trampled to get a more exact number. Right now they are outside wrangling the neighbor kids to help build an igloo. :-)