Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I fought it!
I really tried!
But in the end they won!
We got a real tree!
Last Christmas as I vacuumed every day the many, many needles that fall off a real tree every minute of the day, I begged for it to be the last real tree Christmas. I know some of you are gasping and some of you are cheering. I fall into the fake artifical tree camp. It was cute the first year but after that the novelty wore off. The vacuuming, the watering, the disposal..... I had enough.
So we went in search of an artifical tree. WOW! I did not get the memo that artifical trees are way, way, way over priced!!!! And the ones that look real and are pre-lit....well, all I can say is....my children wish to attend college some day. And although I have no intention of paying for any of it, I would like to send them a few pennies now and then so they can eat. Back to the real tree lots we go.......
But Christmas Eve....I am prowling for artifical tree sales!!!!!
Instead we splurged on a few new ornaments. Here is a glimpse.......
The ornament above was actually my sister who got them in Munich.
We also splurged on these LED lights. I will be bargin shopping for more of these as well come Christmas Eve.
And Papa really wanted to show us his favorite ornaments so here he goes........
Happy Holidays to all!!!


  1. Oh but the wonderful smell of a real tree, even if you hate it by January. I keep trying to convince everyone we should have a little tree, but Snufkin says it must be taller than her.

  2. Your ornaments are so gorgeous. I especially like the serenity of your angel.
    Merry Christmas all of you!

  3. How could you live in the PNW and get a fake tree!! Glad to see you did not give in and kept it real.
    G is a hoot and I love the ornaments. But what happened to the "jewish" tree stuff... ;-) remember? LOL

  4. I LOVE these pics!!! And I fall squarely into the camp that loves real trees. And I'm willing to vacuum and water and put up with the mess to enjoy THE SMELL. But, guess what? We have a fake tree this year (first time ever in my life). After several years of trying a real one down here, I've come to the sad conclusion that SoCal and real Christmas trees do not go together. :-(

    Papa's a hoot!!!! If I were you, I'd keep him around ;-)

  5. I'm a "real tree" person too!! In fact I'm sitting here right now just basking in the smell!

    There are good after Christmas sales though...

    I about died at the price of LED lights on Monday when I needed a few more strands. I'm going to be out looking.

    Lovely ornaments as well. :)