Sunday, December 28, 2008

The joys of the internet!!!!

Technology is a wonderful thing!!! I was able to spend Christmas and will be spending New Years with my mother. I have been able to teach her a bit more on how to get around on her computer. She is feeling a bit more confident as is her husband. He was finally able to use IM and speak to his mother and father whom he has not seen in a number of years via web cam.

It was a wonderful gift on Christmas morning. He also met a few neices and nephews whom he has only seen in pictures before. It was wonderful to be a part of that family reunion.
And not to be outdone (wink), my mom had her own reunion with our family in Ecuador (granted it has only been a few months since we last saw them).
psst!! That is not your screen that needs cleaning, but mine!!!
Gotta love technology!!!