Thursday, September 04, 2008

Into our grove

TeacherWe started school back up a few weeks ago. I have known for a while what we would use but of course the peeps had a different idea. We have already switched math, history and science. I will update the side bars some time this week but for now we found a grove to get it all done. Yesterday however, Oldest Peep was in tears most of the morning and could not tell me why. I finally got her to relax enough to talk to me about it. Well turns out that she was stressing about the times on the side. I put them there to give me an idea of when we can have lunch and when we will be done for the day and when Baby Peep could take his breaks. They are not set in stone. They will not be beaten if it takes 45 minutes to get done with math instead of 30. The reason I have a homework spot is that sometimes they do fool around instead of stay on task. When I see this happen and they are behind time wise then I will tell them they will have to finish in the homework hour. I have message boards to read, and laundry to sort, books to read, and a piano to learn to play. I can't sit in the school room all day waiting for them to be done.   Brows

Well, once I explained that the times were guidelines not set in stone she was able to relax and finish her work for the day. The funny thing about the whole thing is that she was ahead of the time schedule. There really was no reason to worry. Besides we finished with enough time for her to weed the garden with me, inspect what we have growing (Garden update coming soon!), watch 2 episodes of Little House on the Praire (we are reading Little House in the Big Woods and they were curious), make cookies (they did not turn out well) play some piano, and play outside with her friends for at least an hour! All this way before dinner!


  1. I'd cried too. Thanks for explaining the times.

    When I write my schedule out I have to remind myself that there is room to be flexible and these are just guidelines. I tend to be all business and stress myself out, and I'm the mom!

  2. oh my poor baby. she stresses so much. i wonder who she gets that from! ha ha

  3. My oldest stress out also. Then it seems to blow the day. I am trying to ease her into a timed schedule.