Monday, September 08, 2008

Garden!!! Garden!!!

I did not think I could get the hang of this garden thing this year. I put seeds in the ground and hoped for the best. After I started I got some books and did some reading about the PNW soil. Now we are starting a small fall garden while the rest of our summer veggies finish growing up. So far so good.

Here are the tomatoes

The cucumbers........
The Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkins are HUGE!
It's bigger than my hand. (I know! I know! Not hard since my hands are very little.)
We have 5 pumpkins and quite a few flowers trying to make it to pumpkin stage. I planted 3 vines. Next year I will only plant 2 and give those vines the room they need. They are not crowded just yet but they could use more room.
Since our one carrot was not the size we hoped for we are trying again. This time I grabbed the big shovel, loosened the soil and got all the rocks we could find out. Next I bought soil, manure, and compost, mixed it all up and made a garden bed in the loosened soil area. This area gets sun from about 10am until sundown which is about 8pm these days. I dread the shorter days. A week after we planted we got baby seedlings.
More Carrots
Oh and I got an aloe plant and a Venus Flytrap Plant. I am afraid the aloe is already looking sickly and the venus is enjoying the gnats and fruit flies that love to live in my pantry during the summer months.....dang bananas! I will post pictures of the Venus Flytrap soon. It is pretty cool to watch in action.

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