Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Boy jobs and girl jobs!!!

Edited to add: Boy jobs and girl jobs may be different in your family. In mine, boys jobs are the jobs I don't want to do and girl jobs are the ones I like to do. These jobs will look different in your home than in mine. Don't take offense in my definitions.

I tell my husband all the time that there are boy jobs and girl jobs. I can not change a tire. He can not cook. I can not change the spark plugs. He can't grocery shop. I can not put air in the tires. He should not cook. You get the picture. Well, all of last week a light was on in my dashboard. The first time it came on I told Papa Peep to make it go away. It was making me nervous. He took the car to the gas station,  had no quarters for the air machine, and brought it back home to me without telling me he had not filled the tires. The next day I took it out but as I drove on the highway the light went away. Tire pressure back to normal. The next day it was back to being low. I stopped at a lube shop and they kindly filled all the tires to the appropriate levels. The next day the light came on again! I whined to asked papa to make it go away. He did nothing. The next day I was driving to the zoo and the air was even lower than the previous day. Now I thought I must have a leak. I went to the gas station and begged the agent to help me since I didn't even know where to put the quarters. Well, he checked the pressure, filled them with air and this is what I got once on the road.

I checked the screen because the car was literally lopsided. At low speeds it was hard to tell but at high speeds we all felt like we were lower on the driver side. Middle peep just kept on laughing and luaghing all the way to the zoo. I was late already so I just kept driving slowly and hoped for the best.

On the way home, I could stand it no longer and went to a tire business and was ready to buy 4 new tires if that is what I needed to do. Fortunately the attedent was kind and did not laugh at my insanity. He checked all the tires and found one with a screw in it. He patched and filled it to the right level. I am back to normal now......I hope.

What lesson did I learn? I don't like the boy jobs.


  1. The above coment is why I moderate my blog... spam sucks...

    as for boy jobs and girl jobs... It made me laugh!! *Ü* and Im in awe that your car has that cool feature... it can tell you whats wrong... I have to play 21 questions with mine! *Ü* and the van normally wins till I take it where a boy can tell me whats wrong with it. *Ü*