Saturday, September 20, 2008


I am not a flower person. At least I have never been in the past. Yes, they are pretty, but you buy them and they last about a week if you are lucky and then they die. Same with growing them. They only last for so long and then just die. I would much rather expend my energy into growing vegetables. You get something in the end and is it usable. I am nothing if not practical, just ask Papa Peep. Well, for some unknown reason by me lately I have been buying flowers. These are the latest ones I bought and photographed. By the time I thought to take pictures they were dying. The close ups make them look much better than the overall look. For your enjoyment......

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  1. I like flowers! I am thankful Jessica likes to plant them, water them, weed them, love them, etc. and I get to enjoy the end result when she brings me flowers from her garden... Oh sweet little girl. *Ü*