Friday, August 01, 2008

So we went camping.....

and if you know me at all, you know this is not my thing! I do not like camping. I do not like organizing for it. I do not like packing for it. I really, really do not like all the cooking over an open fire crap stuff and especially the sleeping on the floor. I do not like rain! Really, Really, Really DO NOT LIKE RAIN! I do not like being cold and uncomfortable when I have a perfectly warm and oh so comfy bed at home! And this trip I did discover one more thing I dislike. ALL the laundry you do when you return home!

Before we set out on this adventure, while discussing with my fellow campers the whole camping situation, someone said they might bring their crock pot to keep some cider warm for the kids. Well, this got me thinking! I could bring my crock pot with a pork shoulder for one of the meals. Someone else suggested we go into town one morning for warm pasteries. These are my kind of people! I thought I could just bring my toaster oven for warm biscuits at breakfast time! I can proudly say that I did cook the pork shoulder over the fire "pit". I set the crock pot over the pit grill and plugged it right in. By dinner time I had the whole area smelling yummy! I should have gotten pictures of it but with all the fun and cooking I completely forgot! Anyway, below are some shots of our adventure.

For those who live in this area and were NOT on the trip try to guess where we are camping! So far my readers have guessed Mt. Shasta, and the beach with our tide pool adventures. What say you readers of this site?

My final clue......


  1. hehe - I could have written your first paragraph :-D.

    It surely looks beautiful wherever you were ... somewhere on the Puget Sound?

  2. Well, I spent my high school years in Seattle and now live outside Portland and I still haven't the foggiest idea. :) But can I come and join you????? It's beautiful!

  3. What beautiful pictures! I have no idea where it is, but I'd love to visit! :)

  4. I share a similar opinion about our recent long driving trip to and from a conference. All the laundry and packing and driving and running around at the conference -- wash, rinse, repeat -- was not worth it!

    A crockpot and a toaster oven at a camp site: what a novel idea!

    Fun pictures! You have beautiful kids.

  5. I was hoping Lisa or Tina would drop by but since they are busy enjoying the sun, I will reveal my secret. We camped on the sound at a place called Deception Pass. What a beautiful place. And I must say, for a campground the showers and toliets were clean!!!! That is very important to me. I am NOT a squat over a hole in the ground kind of gal. Sorry! No way!!! Thanks for playing!


  6. I saw this when it was first posted and was not too sure. I had to "think" about it. :) I was thinking somewhere on the Pacific Coast line, but where, I didn't know where. :)

    Decption Pass! I have never been there. Isn't that just horrible? :)