Friday, August 08, 2008

Birthday fun!!!

When it was time for Middle Peep's 10th Birthday Celebration Bash, he had a hard time deciding. His actual birthday was when we went camping but not all of his friends were going camping so he did not want to have a celebration then. The kids that did go camping were so very sweet and organized a celebration for him. They planned it, they decorated, and they gifted him with a very nice and super sweet birthday party surprise.
He still wanted a party because after all, you only turn "two whole hands" once! This past Saturday we celebrated at a very neat place. This place may look familiar if you visited the Classical Ed Our Way blog back in December. Anyone recall the jet packs??? Middle Peep has begged to return here every day since that one day. Well, how could I say no (even though I still have jet pack remanants left at my house and how I wish I did not). Below you will find some birthday fun!
A very kind friend offered Middle Peep a Pokeman Ball Cake!!


  1. that's cute: two whole hands :-)
    here, we call that the "double digits" bday!

    belated happy birthday wishes to the Middle Peep!

    ps. my dude finished his book last week. now he's editing/rewriting the beginning. I'll be sure to have him email you the ending...